B2C Europe Tracking UK | Track B2C Europe Courier

For B2C Europe tracking UK courier follow the below official steps carefully:

  • Select country from the drop down menu
  • Enter your order number / TYP Number
  • Enter your postal code / zip code (example: 8888AA)
  • Click on “Track My Parcel Button”

B2C Europe Tracking Online

Since we are not the official site of B2C courier we provide you separate tracking tool.You can directly use this tracking service without any extra information like postal zip code.

How To Track Courier?

Keep your B2C reference number ready while waiting for tracking box.Make sure that you submit exact tracking number for getting current parcel status.Please don’t add any “space” “underline” or special characters with your tracking number.

Customer Care Number:

B2C Europe
Postbus 91
3830 AB Leusden
b2c europe tracking uk


Home Delivery – European customers those who buy stuff online, now can receive the order with all possible tracking information.Parcels are delivered to your home at the right time.

Pick up Locations – You can now send items staying at your home.Check out the pickup locations and request them for a pickup service.

Easy Return – If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it by return service.

International Services – Not only the domestic locations but you can send the parcel to all major international places.

Above are the most common services offered by them.You can visit their official courier site i.e https://www.b2ceurope.eu/ for more services.

B2C Europe is the best e-commerce solutions in UK.It serves both individual customer and giant e-commerce holders.All domestic and international shipment is done.They operate their service globally in major countries.They have the office in Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, China, USA and other more countries.


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